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"The afhe annual conference consistently provides the most relevant, quality programs of any event I've been to. I'd attend even if there was no CLE credit offered." --|-- "Programing was wonderful. Disappointed a few years ago about programing has really been upgraded. Will attend more often." --|-- "The meeting gets to the issues that are at the heart of good service to the family enterprises we serve." --|-- "The only way to understand value of a afhe conference is to attend and then look back a year later and see how it has changed your awareness and your professional engagements." --|-- "afhe continues to provide excellent educational and networking opportunities." --|-- "afhe continues to be my favorite conference and professional networking event." --|-- "Best content ever, great speakers" --|-- "Maybe the best afhe conference so far. Very substantive all the way across." --|-- "afhe has a unique conference focusing on great family business ideas." --|-- "Every year afhe conferences get better and better. I highly recommend attending afhe's conference if you have an interest in a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach relating to family enterprises." --|-- "This year's afhe conference was outstanding again. The depth of experience and practical steps learned from afhe's conference is unmatched. The true sense of openly sharing, collaboration and welcoming atmosphere is better than so many other conferences."


On Wednesday, April 6, the Department of Labor released the final version of its highly anticipated “fiduciary rule.” The final rule is the culmination of six years of study, commentary and revisions after the rule was initially proposed in October of 2010 (later withdrawn) and released again on April 20, 2015. The essence of the rule—to subject more advisers of employee benefit plan participants to the fiduciary standards of ERISA—remains unchanged from the 2015 proposal, but the Department of Labor made several key concessions to ease the burden on advisers.

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The Role (& Perils) of the Family Board of Directors

Trust & Estate attorneys advising wealthy families and their businesses are frequently asked by our clients what are the indelible characteristics to help it navigate tumultuous events, stay true to its family’s mission and thrive?

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Submitted by Roy P. Kozupsky, Partner

Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP



Money Power Love: Navigating the Bermuda Triangle

Secrets to navigating the Bermuda Triangle of money, power and love include asking the right questions at the right time, contingency planning before crises and threats arise, and creating structures and processes for managing change

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Submitted by Bonnie Brown Hartley, Ph.D.
Transition Dynamics, Inc.
Venice, FL, USA

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Private Flights Will Be Less Private

Beginning on August 2, 2011, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will release registration numbers of all private flight operations unless a specified security concern is received. Since its authorization in 2000, the Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) program has allowed aircraft operators to prevent the general public from tracking their individual flight movements.

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Submitted by David R. Stafseth, CPA
Vogel Consulting
Chicago, IL, USA


Selling a Business - Getting What You Need

Selling a private business is best thought of as an ongoing planning process that begins well before the deal is consummated and ends well afterward.

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Submitted by Bernstein Global Wealth Management
New York, NY, USA



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